About me

As the blog name suggests I live in a small cottage in the depths of the Welsh countryside, with: my cat Minnie; Alfie, my dog; and my horse Max, who all live in contented harmony. Well most of the time!

In my twenties I lived in Italy, so I love all things Italian. I returned to the UK to study, and got stuck! While in Rome, I travelled quite a lot, but since returning home and gathering all these animals around me, it’s not so easy to jet off to far flung places. Besides, I don’t particularly want to. Am content where I am.

Goodness knows where this blog will take me.. I love riding my horse around the quiet country lanes; gardening; growing my own vegetables, and cooking them. I like to keep up with current and world affairs. I love music, but am not fanatical about any one genre. Am an avid reader and a bit of a pedant. I love the Archers. I don’t suffer fools gladly, so may well have the odd rant, when I get braver at this blogging malarky.

It will start off as a diary and if you would care to follow me on this journey, then I would be deeply honoured.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. A great blog with impressive photographs and a really tranquil English country feel to it. Will be following developments with enthusiasm.

    • How lovely that you paid me a visit, thanks. Blog’s a bit bare at the moment as I haven’t got to grips with it, but am hoping to post something most days. But that may not be until I retire at the end of April. Yippee!!

  2. Just found your blog via Our New Life……same age and interests…horse riding also! Will follow your posts!

    • Hello, thanks so much for popping by. In my youth (ha ha, I have eternal youth!) I spent six months on Kibbutz Hazorea, which was the most amazing and worthwhile experience of my life. I loved it and the people. It was founded by German intellectuals who escaped from Nazi Germany in 1936. I was there for their 40th anniversary, it was marvellous. I was a volunteer, and though asked to go on an Ulpan, I decided against it. I still learned a lot more Hebrew than a lot of the kids on the Ulpan. I could wax lyrical about it for ever more. I always intended to go back for a visit, but it’s too late now, well certainly as far as the Kibbutz is concerned. Lovely country, lovely people! Lehitrahot and again, toddah robah (excuse my spelling!)

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