The Weedkiller terrorist

Weedkiller terrorist 4

Hurrah, I’ve finally finished spraying home paddock with weedkiller, even though it’s a bit breezy today. Glad the postman didn’t come, as I wrapped scarves around my head to protect my skin, so I look very suspicious!

Prefer not to spray if it’s windy as the weedkiller drifts. But, I have to say, I’m very pleased with the type of weedkiller I used. As you can see from the photo below, home paddock comprised 90% buttercups and plantains, hardly any grass.


As buttercups are notoriously difficult to kill, I went for a specialist weedkiller, which cost me an arm and a leg, but I think it was well worth it as it certainly knocks them on the head very quickly! I now have to wait two weeks before I can cut it.

I sprayed the bottom of the paddock during the May 1st Bank Holiday, and mowed it after a couple of weeks.  Absolutely brilliant!



May have to spray it again later in the year, or next Spring, but let’s hope that’s the end of them…. for good.

Yippee, one big job nearly finished… on to the next one… the garden….


365 #18

Friday was a lovely day. It was the first day, in the first week of my retirement, that I had to myself and the sun was shining and it wasn’t windy.

I had decided to spray weedkiller on the paddock, but couldn’t make my brand new backpack sprayer, work! Typical, as it’s a Bank Holiday and I am unable to phone the supplier so can’t get on with the job.

Because of this, the hens had a glorious day on the paddock. Buffy made straight for where I had a bonfire a few weeks back for a dust bath.

Buffy having a dust bath

Buffy having a dust bath

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365 #17

A few years ago I noticed a little clump of primroses in my turnout paddock. Nothing strange about that.  But this year, the little clump has turned into a large patch of not only yellow primroses, but pink ones too and cowslips!  What a pretty picture they make.

Pretty as a picture 2

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Photo of the Week 20th April 2013

This photo, by no stretch of the imagination, is a good photo, but I just had to record this brave little daffodil for posterity! As you can see, I had quite a bonfire this afternoon. At times the heat was so intense I couldn’t get within six feet of it. This little daffodil was barely three feet from the fire and I really thought it would melt in the heat. But no, there it was still erect and pert after over two hours of ferocious heat beating down on it. I marvel at the wonders of nature!

A tenacious little daffodil

A tenacious little daffodil

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Photo of the Week – 15th March

Photo of the Week

I think that this sky sums up my mood at the moment. Am so very fed up with the weather. To have floods after two, glorious, warmer dry weeks. Then to have the snow directly after all that rain, which froze the ground solid, was the last straw. Living in the country with animals, the weather dictates what you can do each day. Roll on the Spring!

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