14 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

    • Thanks so much. Bit ironic I had just posted it and I found out that the theme for Silent Sunday is….. noses. Now what do I do ? lol

  1. What a fantastic picture. There aren’t many good photographers about these days! Hope to see him in real life soon.

    • Eat a Polo? He’d eat the whole packet if he had the chance! Bless him, he loves his treats. He just loves a bit of stale bread. God knows why!

      The cats though will only eat their tinned food, or cat biscuits. Won’t touch fish, chicken, salmon, corned beef, nothing at all. In the past I’ve had cats that loved chilli con carne (in moderation!), chips, fish in batter, cheese on toast with marmite underneath, stilton, etc. But these two turn their noses up at everything, even shrimps! Means, though, that they don’t sit ‘begging’ by the table when I’m eating, just waiting for something to drop off onto the floor!

    • Tee hee hee, yes the drool, ha ha. He’s my Boy!! He just loves his treats, would do a backward flip for a piece of dried bread. So uncomplicated, just thinks of his tummy and human contact, well me, hopefully. Feel awful leaving him out there in the cold, would invite him into the warm if I could. How stupid! I had a boyfriend years ago, when I lived in Rome. I had a horse at the time and his nickname for me was Pippi (oh, goodness I forget that nickname when I was answering the questions in the Liebster Award!) because he likened me to Pippi Longstockings. At the time I was in my mid-twenties and had never heard of Pippi Longstockings. It wasn’t until I returned to the UK that I understood why he gave me that nickname! Quite appropriate I think, don’t you?

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