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    • I planted this winter salad leaves and perpetual beet in, when was it, October I think. The salad is going great guns, but for some reason the beet has taken a long time to get started. I, stupidly, started off my tomatoes in my electric windowsill propagator (see https://countryidyll.co.uk/green-shoots/ ) a month early after having read, on a veg plotting blog, somebody who had sown theirs’ already! I see from my diary that last year I didn’t sow them until 6th March. They are all sitting, potted up, in my cold porch. They are okay, but not growing obviously. It needs to be above 10 degrees before they grow.

    • Thanks for your visit. I planted these winter salad leaves and perpetual spinach/beet in October! The salad leaves are growing great guns, but the beet started then stopped. It has gone down to -8 degrees in the greenhouse, so am not surprised. I erroneously sowed my tomatoes (in an electric propagator see my post https://countryidyll.co.uk/green-shoots/ )a month early. They are sitting, potted up, in my cold porch. They are fine, but obviously not growing as it is too cold.

    • Yes, well the lettuce leaves are, but for some reason the perpetual spinach (beet) started off, then stopped. Too cold I suspect. Has got down to -8 degrees in unheated greenhouse. But didn’t stop the salad. Thanks so much for your visit, tis much appreciated!

    • Thanks for coming over… Lucky you saw it for what it’s worth, it’s disappeared now! Have had to load a new plugin to reduce the size of images I have posted.. and now a lot of them aren’t showing!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by….. Have had to load a new plugin to reduce the size of the images I have been loaded as I had a message telling me that I was running out of space….. Since doing that half of my posts have lost their images *swears loudly* Yes, the swallows are lovely I took that of the second brood last year. If you like swallows, please spare a few minutes to read my post Two Little Miracles, think you’ll enjoy it! https://countryidyll.co.uk/two-little-miracles/ You’ll be okay, there are no images in that post ! Ho hum, the joys of blogging!

    • Certainly not, the salad leaves are galloping on. Don’t know why the perpetual spinach (beet) stopped before Christmas. They were sown in October. Have to laugh, a week or so back I thought they had all died, they were so limp and cold looking. Then I realized they were desperate for water. Forget that, if they’re growing, they need water! #sillyme

    • So sorry, my blog has failed badly today and am really peed off. First thing it wouldn’t load. Site host fixed it saying it was a glitch. Then I had an email saying that I had nearly exceeded my bandwidth, so was advised to load a plugin that would reduce image sizes of those uploaded and all future images uploaded. Since doing that, I have lost all the images and can see only thumbnails. Nobody, not even my techie host, seems to know what has gone wrong. Feel like throwing in the towel *sobs*

  1. I should get my bottom into gear too! I too couldn’t see the photo but when I click on the icon the photo does appear in a new window on it’s own (just incase anyone else wants a lookie) Hope you get it sorted soon, it’s rubbish when anything goes slightly wrong on a blog isn’t it- such a personal space x

    • Lovely to see you thanks so much for coming over and thanks so much for your reassuring words, made me feel so much better. You probably don’t follow me on Twitter but I have been jamming up the timelines with my blog problems. First of all first thing my WordPress blog was down as was @TheBoyandMe because we are hosted (if that’s the right word) by the same company. So I posted my Silent Sunday post, unable to post the actual page coz I couldn’t see it. Spent four hours commenting on zillions of Silent Sundays. Then had an email to say that my bandwidth had almost been exceeded (doh, I thought what does that mean?) Anyway was recommended a natty little plugin which would reduce all my images sizes on the blog and would automatically reduce any I was updating. Great, I thought so installed it. Then I lost all the images on the blog as they were all converted to thumbnails. Zillions of tweets later I am still none the wiser. Then Silent Sunday host told me she’d removed my linky coz I had put home page url instead of Silent Sunday one. Then I upset her because she misunderstood one of my tweets. Then lots of lovely peeps are coming to my blog and they can’t see my image. Needless to say I have hit the gin bottle! Hope you haven’t asked to receive replies to this comment. What a diatribe sorry, just an awful, wasted day. *slurps*

      • Eeep! I don’t blame you! I always resize my images using PicMonkey before popping them on my blog. You blog post space is 584px wide so you can resize images you want to use before uploading to that width and it’ll keep the bandwidth thingy under control xx

        • Downloaded a WP plugin called Imsanity that will resize all photos automatically when you upload them. Makes it quicker. All seems to be sorted now, thank god, went all wobbly for a bit (me that is) tee hee hee. Why all the images went to thumbnails I don’t know. Thanks for your kind words they were very reassuring! Can sleep soundly now.

    • Ooh lovely thanks for dropping by. Just found this in my spam folder, oer. Yes that’s a winter variety, which, I think I sowed at the beginning of April. The other seedlings were planted at the same time – spinach, well beet really. That doesn’t seem to like the cold quite so much as it germinated, grew to three inches, then stopped!

    • So lovely to see you Susan, thanks for popping by. Can’t believe how prolific these pick and come again salad leaves have been over the winter. The seeds were sown in October at the same time as the perpetual spinach (beet) alongside them. That definitely hasn’t liked the cold weather, even in the greenhouse, and hasn’t done nearly so well as the salad stuff! I expect, as soon as the weather warms up, the beet will go like the proverbial clappers!!

  2. Oh you are making me yearn for a garden, it is always about this time of year I ponder getting an allotment but waiting lists are so long and I’m not sure I’d be any good!

    • Oh, I say go for it. Put your name down. It is so, so satisfying growing flowers, veg, whatever. Have you a terrace, or a balcony. You can still grow veg and tomatoes on a balcony, or in a backyard. You can do amazing things in pots. Thanks for popping by, please do come again!

    • Bot lots of seeds were planted in October and the salad leaves have done very well. The are pick and come again so I’ve had a continuous supply all winter. The spinach beet germinated fine and grew a little, but didn’t like the cold. I expect it will now start shooting up! Thanks for the visit, much appreciated.

  3. Thank you so so much for visiting my C is for Chicks #TheGallery post.
    I need educating though as I have no idea what you are talking about with regards to knocking cockerels on the head 🙁
    I think the nursery plans to find a home for each and everyone of them

    • Thanks very much for popping by. Sad to say, people don’t want cockerels. They can be aggressive, though not always. They eat but produce nothing. You may say, ah well they produce chicks, but it’s much cheaper to buy fertilised ‘hatching eggs’ to put under a broody hen, or in your incubator rather than keeping a cockerel to ‘do the business’. A colleague at work, who is vegetarian, would only take my eggs because she knew I had no cockerel, so they weren’t fertilized. Cockerels crow, so you can fall out with your neighbours if you have some in close proximity. I have kept chickens now for about 6 years and the only cockerels I have had were two out of four eggs that hatched under my broody hen. I gave them to my neighbour, who I thought was going to use them for breeding. They were both pure bred birds. Sadly they ended up in the pot.
      Some breeders will only let you buy a couple of hens if you take a cockerel, because they can’t get rid of them. It makes it easier having the breeds that you can sex as chicks because, supposedly it is easier to kill a little chick than a cockerel. To me it would be the same however young or old they were, I wouldn’t be able to kill them. Can’t even kill a spider.
      I wish you luck in finding home for your nursery cockerels.

    • I wonder which Silent Sunday you are referring to. Maybe the one with the spinach and salad leaves in the greenhouse. They were all planted last October. The salad leaves germinated and took off immediately, but the spinach germinated then stopped at abou 2 centimeters, until that warmer spell a few weeks ago, when it started to grow again. Sadly I have a lot of tomato seedlings that I put out in the (unheated) greenhouse three weeks ago, when it was getting quite warm. They haven’t grown at all. They won’t if the temperatures go below 10 degrees. The ‘also rans’ in the house have gone mad, in the warm and are getting far to leggy to be any good, but am reluctant to put them out into the cold! Can’t win!

  4. Lovely pic I must set about getting our garden cleaned up, growing your own stuff is always the best!

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