20 thoughts on “365 #9

    • Yes, sadly one of things against living in the countryside. That, and the sonic booms, that I’ll write about later in the week!

    • Hello, many thanks for popping over. Yes, Spring is the start of life, and I love it. Let us hope that it’s the start of better weather. Goodness only knows, we all need some sunshine to cheer us up!

    • Helloee! Many thanks for the visit. It’ll be sugar beet this year. Wheat last year. Then wheat next year.

    • Tee hee hee. No, not quite just a lot of squatting! Now I know why my thighs were aching this morning. Couldn’t think what I had been doing to cause it! Thanks for the visit, much appreciated.

    • Thanks Joanne for stopping by. It’s not always peaceful and quiet in the countryside, sadly. The tranquility isn’t spoiled by the mooing of cows, bleating of lambs or the roar of tractors. It is spoiled by something far more intrusive….. More in my next post!

  1. I like the lines of this one. It makes me remember the smell of the fields near the ranch where I spent a lot of time as a kid.

    Thanks for linking up!

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