27 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 9th March

    • Thanks Erica for the comment. Was stuck as to what to photograph. You can only snap your horse and cats so many times. Need to point the camera elsewhere, but nothing seems to be happening this weekend. Not an easy photograph to comment on, I’m afraid!

        • It’s funny you say that, have been thinking about that today. My Photo of the Week, my horse’s eye, has only had one comment. Maybe it’s a bit threatening, it is quite large. Trouble is just having the weekend I find it a little difficult to find good pictures. Don’t really want to just put anything up. If I do that, I might as well not bother. Once the evenings are lighter I should have more subject matter. But, as I have so much work around the place, I hardly every leave when I’m not at work! Lead quite a contented life really.

    • Well, yes I thought it was on its way. We had two glorious, dry weeks. Then Friday lunchtime it started to pour with rain. Solidly for 24 hours. My barn and greenhouse are flooded. Then, to add insult to injury, we had 3 inches of snow! Brrr. Am so fed up with it. When will it end?

    • Well, I thought so, but we’ve just had 24 hours of pelting rain, followed by 3 inches of very wet snow. Just as the land was drying out! 🙁 All seems such a struggle!) Thanks for popping by, lovely to see you.

    • She’s a star. Very docile, loving cat. But it’s her sister, Minnie, the nervous one, that is always by my side. Sitting on my desk now, next to me.

    • Oh dear, another mix up, must be tired. Beautiful catkins! That was my Silent Sunday Post. Maisie, my cat was 365, and Max’s eye was Photo of the Week. That’s the trouble when you post three together! Was really scrabbling around to find three half way decent photos. Can’t take any all week as I am at work.

    • Many thanks. Thought Spring was on it’s way, little did I know that a few hours later we were to have 24 hours + of constant, heavy rain, followed by 3 inches of snow! Doesn’t look like Spring out their now! 🙁

    • Well, that’s what we all thought! Wouldn’t think that now looking out of the window. Three inches of snow. Ugh, when will this winter end? I’m fed up with it!Thanks for your comment, it’s much appreciated!

    • Yes, really thought Spring was around the corner. Then we had over 24 hours of torrential rain, flooding the barn and my greenhouse. Then, yesterday, 3 inches of snow fell. God, I hate it. Can’t wait for the warmer weather, this winter seems to have been so long…

    • They seem to have been around for a long time. Think everything and everybody is getting muddled with the arrival of spring! Thanks for popping by.

    • I took that on Friday morning. At lunchtime it started pouring with rain and didn’t stop for over 24 hours. Then the snow fell. We have about 3 inches and the forecast for the rest of the week is dia. 🙁 Many thanks for your visit, much appreciated.

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