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Little did I think that three weeks or so ago, when we had that lovely mild spell, that we would dive head first back into a freezing winter. But we did. It seemed so unfair to be tempted with the joys of spring to come, to have 48 hours of torrential rain, followed by a big freeze and a few days of snow. Max’s paddock was like a frozen paddy field!

Thank goodness that awful, freezing wind has dried the ground out. At least we have to be thankful for that. But it’s still freezing at night and frosty in the morning, with no sign of a change on the horizon.

A frosty morning

A frosty morning

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56 thoughts on “365 #13 and Photo of the Week

  1. That is completely and utterly stunning, how on Earth do you manage to get such stunning spiders’ webs? I can never manage to find a frozen one, most I’ve got is of one covered in dewdrops.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing it.

    • Hiya, thanks for popping by. Yes, it has been a bit nippy (coldest was -14 degrees) this winter! Well, and Spring!

    • You never know, the way this Spring is going you may still get the chance! Thanks for your comment, tis much appreciated.

    • Real cobwebs, yes. Feel sorry for the spiders. Don’t know whether they are active in the winter, or whether they hibernate…

    • Absolutely, where, indeed is Spring? It’s getting really boring now. Want to get on with the garden, sowing veggies, etc.

    • Well, here we are a week later and it still froze last night, but what a glorious day. It really was quite warm out of the wind.

  2. what big cobwebs. i always think they are beautiful to look at when covered in dew or frost but not when covered in spiders or when i accidently walk through one!!
    great photo and happy easter x

    • Thanks so much for your comment and Easter wishes. Yes, I have spine chilling memories as a child, running through a spiders web. Still makes me shudder to think of it. Hate spiders.

    • Thanks very much for your comment. The weather today has been glorious out of the wind. Almost like Spring! lol.

    • Oh, how lovely. The frost on the web makes it show up much better and makes you realise just how intricate they are! Clever spiders.

  3. I really, really want to capture a frozen spider web as they are beautiful BUT I am prepared to wait for next year’s cold season as I’ve had enough of this one now

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