33 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 7th April

    • Yes, Sarah, still ice on the buckets in the early morning, but so warm during the day. Well I was stripped down to my bottom layer as I worked in the garden. thought it was at least 15 degrees, but when I checked it was only 11 ! We have become used to sub zero temperatures!

    • It’s amazing the patterns you can get in the ice, isn’t it. Your bobbly ice sounds as though there was air in it. Thanks for dropping by.

    • Ah, foxed you have I? It was very thin layer of ice I took off the top of a water bucket, early one morning. Thanks so much for your comment.

    • Yep, you’re right. Let’s hope that Spring is winning. It has been colder again, yesterday and today. 🙁

    • Many thanks for your comment. Yes, I was amazed at all the patterns, afterall it was only a thin ‘skin’ of ice of the top of a bucket, early one morning.

    • Hi there, thanks so much for the visit. It’s thin ice off the top of a water bucket, early one morning.

    • Thanks for your comment, great that you liked my photo. Sadly, didn’t have time last week to take any photos at all. Am retiring next Thursday, from a lifetime’s work, so am playing catch up. From Thursday, I will have all my time to do what I want. Can’t wait, it’s been a bit of an anticlimax the last couple of months!

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