A magic moment with Max

One of the many tasks horseowners have to undertake is field poo-picking. I do it every day to keep the grass in the meadow and turnout paddock, sweet. If left, the poo areas will get bigger and bigger and the grass areas smaller and smaller. So, every day I scan the meadow for his dung to pick up with my super duper horse pooper scooper.

One day last week I was hunched over concentrating on the job in hand (no pun intended!) and I felt a weight across my shoulder. Max had walked silently up behind me and rested  his chin on my shoulder. He then nickered quietly in my ear. The vibrations went through my whole body. My legs went weak and my heart pounded. He has never made such a soft, tender, gentle gesture before and it made me feel so close to him. It really must have been the magic moment of a lifetime!

Max in the foreground with Pippa  rip

Max in the foreground with Pippa rip

16 thoughts on “A magic moment with Max

  1. awww bless him! horses are such gentle creatures i think thats such an amazing thing for him too do. Just wanting to be close to you bless him xx

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments its so lovely to have you linking up xx

    P.s I hate to see the size of a horse pooper scooper!

    • Thanks Jaime for your comment. Yes, amazing, no horse has ever done that to me. It really was very special. Yes, the pooper scooper is rather large!

    • Hello, lovely to welcome you to my blog. Yes, it was such a very special moment. No horse has ever done that to me before.

  2. Your horse sounds more romantic than my husband (joke). I grew up around horses being the daughter of a horse fanatic. As they were fed before us, I was not overly fond of them. The son adores them though and would spend all day in the field with them if he could.

    And many congratulations on your retirement. Here’s to many wonderful days outside of the world of work.

    • Thanks so much Rachel for visiting my blog, and for your comment. So sad that you couldn’t share your mother’s (father’s?) love of horses. I have loved them since my first riding lesson when I was five. A life-long love! Thanks to for your kind words for my retirement. Am in shock, despite the fact that I’ve had ages to come to terms with it (game my notice in four months ago). Think it will take a bit of time for it to sink in!

      • Oh, thanks, yes most weird I thought…. Thanks so much for your kind compliment about Max. Yes, I thank is is rather handsome too, but then I would, being his mum! 🙂

    • Yes it was a very special moment! So sorry, can’t comment on your second sentence as I can’t understand it! Thanks very much for popping by, much appreciated.

    • Thanks so much Nichola for your kind comment. As a horse lover you can understand how I went all ‘funny’ and goose pimply. It was such a special, unique moment. I do hope that one of your girls will love horses… most little girls do, at some time in their life. Thanks for the visit!

  3. Aw, bless. He looks lovely. It must have been a very special moment. Everytime I think about getting a horse, I remind myself about the joys of picking and mucking out. But then they are (as your post also reminded me) such wonderful creatures.

    • Hello Sarah, many thanks for popping by. Yes, all the poo picking, mucking out, grooming are all part of having a horse. A labour of love. To me, I love that as much as the riding. Building that trusting relationship. It is tough competition for most men and a lot can’t cope with it. I was lucky to have been with a man who had a horse too. But that finished over a year ago so it’s just me and my animals now. Love it!

  4. Wow, I bet that was amazing. It is great to have affection from an animal or pet. My folks’ dog sits on top of the sittee and acts as a head rest/scarf, it is mega in winter!

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by! Yes, animals give us so much and our lives are richer for having them in our lives. I don’t think I could live without animals. They make my life complete!

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