38 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    • Another comment that went to my Spam folder, I wonder why. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, please do come again. Don’t be put off by my not replying. I will always reply.

    • Thanks so much for your kind visit. Sorry have only just seen your comment as it had gone into the spam folder, which I didn’t know existed until 15 minutes ago! God knows how I find it again!!

    • So sorry Erica, have only just seen your comment, it was in my Spam folder. Didn’t know I had one! Will have to establish where it is so that I can check it regularly. Wonder why your comment went in there. Oer.

    • An another comment, Erica, that was in my Spam folder. How weird. Yes Maisie is lovely, but so different in every way from her sister. Maybe they had different fathers, which I understand is possible with cats.

    • Thanks so much for popping over, lovely to see you here. Maisie seems to sleep all day. That’s her favourite place, near the radiator! Ha, ha.

    • Hello Kara, thanks for popping over here. Yes, they seem very popular today, don’t they? You can guarantee, if it’s cold and wet outside, they’ll be indoors in the warm!

    • Hello Fiona, thanks for the visit. Yes, they hate the rain. They know the best places. Maisie’s sister, Minnie is sitting behind the laptop on my desk, just under the lamp. Nice and warm. They’re not daft are they ! lol.

    • Hello Laura, lovely to see you, thanks for visiting. Maisie is unusually marked. Ginger and white with tabby additions! So different from her sister who is much smaller and is basically a tabby with a little amount of ginger with white paws and throat. They do say, I believe, that kittens in the same litter can have different fathers. I think that this is the case with Minnie and Maisie, who are different in every way!

    • I know, you’re so right and when you talk to them they’ll roll over languidly and look at you, stretch, saying very obviously, do stroke me mum! They know when they’re well off, don’t they? Tee hee hee.

        • Ciao Cathy, benvenuto! What this new blog of mine is doing is bringing back my joy of taking photographs. It’s wonderful, as I’ve hardly taken any photos for 15 years. Cats, when they are not in ‘hyper-mode’ are great subjects. Mille grazie for your visit. Look forward to speaking to you again!

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