The Photo Gallery: Week 131

This week’s theme is ‘girls’. Well, my girls, with whom you might already be familiar, if you are following me on this journey, are my lovely two kitten-cats. Well, they’re not kitten-cats any longer as they are 19 months old, can’t believe that time flies so fast these days.

Maisie and Minnie

Maisie and Minnie

Minnie and Maisie are very different. Minnie is much bigger than Minnie and is predominately ginger and white with tabby tinges. She eats a lot, loves to be outside, has quite slow reactions (though she is a good hunter), loves lolling about on the back of the settee or my lap. She loves affection, but hates to be picked up. She is a big softee and will never scratch you. She takes no notice if you tell her off,  she’s thick-skinned and does exactly as she pleases.

Minnie, on the other hand, is small and lithe and quick as a flash. Very intelligent and nervous. She just loves to be with me. Even if it’s chucking it down with rain, she’ll trot out to the stable behind me, waiting till all is done and then scampers back to the house in ahead of me. She loves to sit on my lap when I’m cleaning my teeth and will come up to bed with me.

Sadly, there is an undercurrant of sibling rivalry and I can see them both, whether at the end of the bed, or near me in the sitting room glaring at each other. If they could talk they’d be saying, “Don’t you dare sit on her lap, that’s my place!” Sometimes Maisie will go for poor little Minnie and I am sure it is just that she’s jealous. They are ‘my girlies’ and I love them dearly!

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    • Hello Laura, thanks for popping over. I’m afraid it’s history repeating itself. 18 years or so ago I had two adorable boy kittens, Humphrey and Basil. Basil was a dead ringer in many ways for Maisie, although he was pure ginger and white. Humphrey, a beautiful, caring cat, who was a very handsome black stripey tabby with white bib, face and feet, was the sensitive one. Just like Minnie he would come out to the stables with me every night, in all weathers. Both of them, just like Minnie and Maisie used to try to get on my lap first and used to glare at each other each night. Humphrey, like Minnie, the two extra sensitive cats, wormed themselves into my heart, though I adored Basil and adore Maisie. When my ex moved in 11 years ago Basil was absolutely thrilled, it was so obvious. He had a lap of his own and was happy. From the day that M moved in Basil was his cat, until the day that he died (the cat not M!!).

    • Hello, lovely to see you again, thanks so for your visit. Yes, they are cute aren’t they. Bit bigger, bit more independent now, but still super lovely!

        • Is that the cats, or the chickens? I have no idea, in either case as they live just with me. Not many visitors these days. They, the cats, did disappear when my nephews came over for lunch the other Sunday. Maisie did turn up and ‘stroke’ around their legs for a while, but Minnie is far too shy. She’s definitely a one-person cat!

        • If it’s chickens to which you’re referring, yes they’re fine if they’ve been handled since they were chicks. Not so tame if they’ve been hatched out under a hen and if they haven’t been handled much.

  1. They certainly look like two very smart and healthy cats – I have five who come into the house and are more or less all of one family, then I have the visitors who take their pick of the food outside. But generally the inside and outside cats socialize pretty well and even seem to survice the occasional skirmish with one of my three dogs. Baci for now.

    • Hi Val, my goodness what a lot of cats you care for! But then there are always loads of feral cats in Italy. Fortunately, no strays have turned up at my door lately, because I’m a sucker for a sob case!

    • Thanks so much for your visit and comment. Took me ages to choose names for them. Kept calling Minnie, Millie by mistake at the beginning. But she’s definitely a little Minnie the Minx!

    • Well, yes, they do get up to tricks. Especially when they were kittens, they used to climb everything, up the curtains, up the shower curtains, just like little monkeys. Maisie spends more time outside now and is more independent. Minnie likes to be with me and is the naughty one!

    • Hello Catherine, lovely to meet you too! Thanks so much for popping over. Yes, they are a great comfort and are lovely to have around. Well, except when they bring in birds. Fortunately they do seem to prefer voles and mice, but come the Spring, the Blackbird fledglings would do best to stay away from our garden. It’s the only drawback about cats.

    • Absolutely! Love to read that you’re writing a book. Well, trying to write a book in between bedtime routines, etc. I work four days a week and live by myself, with two cats a horse and somehens and I find it very difficult to check/write my blog, tweet, read and do the other l01 things that need to be done. God knows what it’s going to be like in the summer when there’s so much to do in the garden, and riding of course. But, hey, I’ll be retired by then so what am I worrying about?!

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