10 thoughts on “The Photo Gallery 147: Green

    • Hi Laura, thanks for the visit. It’s elderflower in bud, which grows like a weed around my cottage and paddock. It’s quite pretty when it comes out though. Hope you’re keeping well.

    • Many thanks Lou for your comment. Have been absent lately as I am trying to get a backlog of work done in the garden, in between, winds and rain! Not much of a summer, is it? Fed up with it.

    • Hello Mrs, no not a lacecap hydrangaea, though I can see why you thought it was. It’s just common o’ garden elderflower, in bud. Still haven’t managed to weed all the beds and those yet not seen to, have 3 foot high weeds. Could get it done if I didn’t ride, but don’t want to sacrafice that just to get the garden done. Of course, had the weather been better then I could spend more time out there. Ho hum, it seems to be the same all over the country, not just in East Anglia!

    • Thanks Val. Not quite so green now, Autumn has arrived today with such a vengence. Much colder, very windy and heavy showers. Almost nice to be propped up in my armchair, knowing I don’t have to go out there!

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