Hoppity, hoppity hop!

After a day of inactivity yesterday, I decided that today I really should crack on and not just sit around with my feet up.

Well, I said inactivity, but I did a little more hopping around as I went outside three times. The last time was to welcome Max’s physio, Jo, who had come to give him the once-over! It was quite tiring as I spent 45 minutes on my crutches leaning against the stable door watching.

Kind Nicky had put the mounting block out for me to sit on, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask for it to be taken into the stable. I am fiercely independent and find it really difficult to ask for help, or take from other people. My mum taught me how to give, but not how to take. Well, I suppose she couldn’t really, because she wasn’t much good at it either!

After trotting him up I was told that he was a little sore on his near side, so he went through some strong massage and manipulation. I knew that he was feeling uncomfortable as he kept jumping forward. I was in a bit of an ‘iffy’ position leaning over the stable door, because if he came towards my head I wouldn’t be able to jump (well, er, hop) back quickly! But luckily, my friend Myf managed to keep him away from the door! Hopefully, he’s all sorted now and after his good long rest, until I am out of my boot, he’ll be as right as rain.

Feel quite chuffed today as I’ve done two lots of washing and dried it (albeit in the tumble drier) and put it away. Something as simple as that to an able bodied person is nothing, but when you’re on crutches it’s quite a challenge. Armsful of clothes are quite diffficult to carry when you’re arms are trying to keep you upright!

Have de-limescaled the sink, draining board and loo, cleaned the microwave and washed and dried my hair. Washing my hair over the edge of the bath with the hand shower isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. You can take quite a lot of weight on your forearms on the side of the bath, and my loo is strategically placed next to the bath so if I’m getting a but wobbly I can just plonk myself down!

Coping with the stairs and the step on the landing is so much easier, now that I have the technique, that I’m tempted to move back upstairs. I am sleeping on my spare bedroom mattress (on a camp bed) at the moment, downstairs in the dining room. My goodness, it’s so lumpy. What uncomfortable nights my guests must have endured! ┬áHave you ever slept in your spare bed? Might be an idea to give it a go one night, you might get a shock. Guests are far too polite to comment.

Am just going to pop outside to say hello to Max, who should be back from his field by now, and give him some carrots. I am sure little Alfie would like a breath of fresh air too.

Ahh, that was lovely, he’s such a sweet little horse, can’t wait to be mobile again so I can spend more time with him.

Well, that’s it, for today. Looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge… Hmm, think I’ll have a bash at some ironing. I have a huge stack of white pillowcases that hadn’t come out of the linen cupboard for years and years and they had all turned a nasty shade of yellow! Have boiled them up and they are now back to super white. Can’t think how I can carry the ironing board while on crutches, ┬áso it’ll have to be in the kitchen where the ironing board is kept.



2 thoughts on “Hoppity, hoppity hop!

  1. Sounds like your house will be spotless and well organised by the time you are properly back on your feet!
    I have slept in our guest bed. It is OK, but my best friend has some that are dreadful but I have not had the nerve to tell her…one is great, if I am lucky enough to get that room. How do you tell someone the bed is awful?
    Glad you are on the mend. Have a very sore Lab here, but good news is that xrays show hips are fine and minimal arthritis. Strained tendons/ligments and we BOTH need to lose weight!

    • It’s just as well Lynda, as, normally, I never have time to do much housework! Was talking to some friends about the state of my guest mattress and they said that last year they replaced their guest room mattress and their friends were overjoyed – Apparently, for years they’d been sleeping on the bedroom floor every time they came to stay with them! Sorry to hear about your lab. Glad it’s not hip displacement, and only strained ligaments. Maybe nature is trying to tell you something? I expect I will have muscle wastage and will have to build up my walks slowly. Bit of a pain because my meadow is a six minute walk away, down the side of the field at the bottom on my turnout paddock. Then six minutes back. It’s very rough ground, although I could go a slightly longer way through the village. That would be easier to walk on because it would be 80% tarmac. Will have to see how I progress. It’s taking a little weight already, without any pain, but will worry about ‘turning’ it on the rough ground. Ho hum, sure it won’t be as bad as I fear. Thanks Lynda for popping by. Tis much appreciated!

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