Photo of the Week – 15th March

Photo of the Week

I think that this sky sums up my mood at the moment. Am so very fed up with the weather. To have floods after two, glorious, warmer dry weeks. Then to have the snow directly after all that rain, which froze the ground solid, was the last straw. Living in the country with animals, the weather dictates what you can do each day. Roll on the Spring!

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18 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – 15th March

    • Hi, thanks for your comment, much appreciated! Yes, for once I was within grabbing distance of my camera, even if it did mean charging upstairs in my wellie boots (no damage done)! These skies change so quickly, so can’t waste time faffing about!

    • Thanks for your visit! Yes, it is a bit ‘dark’ isn’t it? We do get wonderful skies here in East Anglia, especially sunsets, and bright days with lots of fluffy clouds. The sky seems huge because you’ll see all the clouds down to the horizon, because there are no hills or mountains – it’s so flat!

  1. What a beautiful sky! It has been a bit rough on the weather front hasn’t it? I am longing for spring now, I can feel its coming….!

    Thank you for linking up in Photo of The Week! XXX

  2. Roll on the spring, agree! I honestly thought that spring was on its way a few weeks ago. I cannot believe how cold and windy it suddenly became and we also had snow in London. It’s mid March, so hopefully Spring should be coming soon! 🙂 x

    • Yes, I’m finding it depressing too, especially after that couple of dry weeks with warmer weather. Thanks for popping by.

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