52 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 24th March

    • Hello thanks so much for popping over to comment. Yes, it’s a skip full of horse hair. My horse, Max, is moulting and it’s coming out by the handful. Seems mad when there’s snow on the ground, doesn’t it!

    • Hello, thanks for the visit. It’s a skip full of horse hair. My horse, Max, is moulting and it is coming out by the handful!

    • Aha, will tell all later today. Don’t want to spoil it for other visitors to my blog. Nobody has guessed it yet……

    • No it’s not from a dog. There’s an awful lot there, would be the hairs of at least 10 zillions hamsterss! Lol, but thanks for trying!

  1. it’s horse hair, Max is moulting, is it possible he knows spring is here when the weather belies it in spades???? I always love to think of birds’ nests all horse-hair lined and cosy…sometimes when I get a snowstorm of hair out of the horses it all disappears within the day and that has to be the birdies….am I correct? is it Max-horse-hair-spring-is-in-the-air????

    • Wa hooooo! It had to be another horse owner to recognise a skip full of HORSE hair. Despite the snow on the ground his coat is coming out by the handful. It seems the more you brush him, the more comes out! The more you brush, the more static you make the more it sticks to you. In your eyes, up your nose! He hates having his tummy brushed. Well, in fact, he doesn’t like being brushed very much full stop. Well, I suppose he is a boy and we all know what little boys are like have their hair brushed or combed! Will wait until the weather dries up and then put some of it outside. I found a couple of bird nests in the summer when I was clearing the garden and they both had Max’s bright bay hairs in them. Susan, have you seen my previous post with the photo of the little bird? What do you think it is?

    • Yes, please see reply to previous comment. It’s my horse, Max, that is moulting! Thanks for your comment, much appreciated.

    • It is as soft as Alpaca, but no, it’s my horse’s hair. He is moulting by the bucket full, despite thick snow on the ground. Perhaps he knows something we don’t, that Spring really is just around the corner maybe. That would be nice, wouldn’t it! Thanks for joining in with the quiz! Lol.

    • Yes, would be nice Laura, but think the weather is going to continue in this vein for a bit. Roll on proper Spring, that’s what I say!

    • Well yes, they grow a very, very thick winter coat. Most people, if they are competing with their horses clip them, all or partially, but I don’t. It’s quite a labour of love, grooming all that thick coat out! Thanks for the visit.

    • Thanks soo much Sarah for popping by. Yes, bit naughty of me because I didn’t show the skip the hair was in… Might have been easier had I done so.

    • Yes, a yak would be unlikely! That is just a small part. Every time I groom him for two weeks or more he sheds hands full of his winter coat and he is rugged so it’s not as thick as it could be. It’s a real labour of love getting it all out. It goes up your nose, in your eyes and the static that you generate brushing him makes them all stick to you! Tee hee hee. Thanks for popping by!

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