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Over five years ago I was given a lovely orchid when I left my job. It flowered for 18 months, then stopped. I had planned to chuck it out, but never got around to it. So glad I didn’t, because at the end of last year it grew a new stem and over Christmas buds formed. This week the first bud opened into a beautiful new flower !1st orchid for 3 years

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    • Hello, thanks so much for paying me a visit and so sorry you weren’t as lucky with your orchid as I seem to have been with mine. Another flower out today! 🙂

    • Hello, so kind of you to visit my blog, thanks so much. So sorry your orchid is looking a bit sad. Take courage from my experience, all may not yet be lost!

    • Lovely to see you here, thanks for visiting! Can’t believe that it was dormant for so many years! Then suddenly it grows a new stem and hey presto, lovely flowers!

    • Hello Laura, thanks so much for your comment. My orchid seems to be doing well, despite the fact that it gets tap water to drink! (Have heard I should use rainwater ho hum!)

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