23 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 5th May

    • Yes, how she will be able to look after 16 chicks with all the foxes there are around, I don’t know!

    • Yes, Mrs Pheasant. She’ll have quite a brood following her around the fields. Do hope that the fox doesn’t get them, poor little things! Thanks for dropping by.

    • Yes, she flew up when I accidentally got too near her nest. Thought I would grab the opportunity and take a snap! Thanks for the visit. Much appreciated.

    • Yes, Fiona, Mrs Pheasant has laid 16. Do you think she knows that the fox will probably kill 14 of the chicks! I hate foxes. Everybody is losing their hens all around me. I fear for mine every time they go out in the paddock. Lovely to see you, thanks for coming.

    • Yes, they are lovely aren’t they, but the chicks will be even better. Perhaps I will try to get some photos of them, but I think I would have to take a chair up to the meadow!

    • Maybe hen pheasants work on the same premise as mothers in developing countries. That is, have lots of offspring because over 50% of them will die young! Sad, but true. Thanks for popping by.

    • Yes, I’ll keep an eye on her. Not that I can do anything to make life easier for her. Thanks for the visit!

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