30 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 12th May

    • Yes, one of mine, I’m afraid. Don’t know which one is guilty though! A male chaffinch, a yellow hammer and a robin. Why couldn’t they go for pigeons, they’re ten a penny! 🙁

    • Three little dead birds in as many days in my dining room. Don’t know whether it was Maisie, Minnie, or both. Why can’t they kill birds that are plentiful, pigeons for example. So sad… especially the robin, one of my favourite birds! Thanks for your comment.

    • Three dead little birds in a row. Bit gruesome I’m afraid. Sorry. I love my cats, but hate them when they bring me little birds! Thanks for the visit.

    • Oh dear, a baby rabbit. So sad, was it dead? Wish mine would stick to the mice and voles. I can stomach them, not dead little birds, especially robins which are one of my favourites. Have stopped putting food out for the birds. One of the cats brought in a fledgling blackbird last night. So that’s four birds this week! 🙁

    • Yes, fraid so. Have two young female cats, so don’t know whether the murder spree was a joint effort, or both of them. Have to say they aren’t walking around looking guilty!!

    • Thanks for your comment which I wholeheartedly agree with. Wish my bloomin’ cats would stick to bringing in voles and mice. I can cope with them, but the little birds, especially robins, sicken me. What can you do though, it’s instinct.

    • Hi Laura, yes, they are so naughty. Don’t know whether it was a joint effort or just one of them. Finished posting the photo and went downstairs, and there was a dead blackbird fledgling in the porch. Love the cats desperately but find dead, or dieing baby birds difficult to cope with.

    • Cats got ’em I’m afraid Fiona. Don’t know which one is the culprit, or whether it was a joint effort. Only drawback about owning cats. Do so wish they’d stick to mice and voles!

    • Yes, sadly the victims of my two young cats. Wish they’d kill pigeons, which are far more plentiful than chaffinches, yellow hammers and robins! 🙁 Thanks for stopping by.

    • Oh dear, how awful, how sad. I would have been devastated! I have moved one of my feeders which was in a flowerbed… too many plants for the cat to hide behind. Have stuck it in the lawn with nothing within 8 feet. They have more of a chance now! Thanks for your visit!

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