Church flower festival

Weather permitting, I have been beavering away in the garden, paddock and fields trying to bring order back to the Countryidyll domain since retiring some six or seven weeks ago.  I have to admit that the weather is not helping as it is stopping me from getting on. Not because we’ve had much rain, on the contrary, I’m afraid. But because it’s been so, so windy and cold. I really hate working outside in the wind, it makes me so irritable! My hair blows in my face and I can’t see so I put on a hat.. then I get too hot. Can’t win really. Ho hum.

Max, on the other hand, is really a good boy being ridden on a windy day (not quite such an angel when I’m leading him!) so have settled into a routine of riding four times a week, which we are both happy with.

Yesterday I took an hour or so out of my day to visit the flower festival at our village church. It certainly was time well spent. There were some really splendid flower arrangements as well, I hasten to add, an excellent carrot cake and cuppa. I have to admit that I had two helpings of cake, it was so good!  Didn’t feel too guilty as, on my return home, I mowed the lawn, which is quite a fair bit of walking!

I have posted some photos of the flower arrangements below, so that you can judge for yourself.


DSC_0105Flower Festival 2 201356a101416

2 thoughts on “Church flower festival

  1. Some beautiful arrangements there. I love flowers. The colours, the smells. I’m allergic to lillies though so can’t go near them lol but so pretty to look at. I’d have had two helpings of carrot cake, it’s my favourite!

    • Hi Laura, thanks so much for your comment, lovely to hear from you! Am losing touch with everybody somewhat as I am so busy trying to get the garden, fields sorted as well as riding Max regularly. I am too pooped to come on to the PC in the evening to chat. Plenty of time for that when we have dark winter afternoons and evenings. In saying that, was like winter today with a thunderstorm and big hail stones. To think, they used to call it flaming June!

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