Helloee, I’m still here alive and kicking!

Well, how apt that this post, after such a long, long absence, follows the one entitled Country Cottage for sale, or something similar!! To bring you up-to-date, I sold my dream cottage in Norfolk, eventually, and moved across the UK to Wales. Six hours drive away.Yes, Wales. Where you get much more for your money, and much more rain. .

Well, what an adventure. I have had.  So, so much to write about, but no time to to put pen to paper, metaphorically speaking, of course. Too busy project managing all the work that has been done here over the last fifteen months or so. Too busy decorating,creating a garden from a concrete yard, horse managing, and hay making, etc., etc.

Whether you want to continue to follow the adventures of Alfie, Max, Minnie and me (with a little m) it is up to you, but I will now endeavour to bring you up-to-date with my adventures so far. (Swallows and Amazons eat your hearts out!!)

In August last year my animals and I moved, lock stock and barrel, from a sleepy village in Norfolk to a sleepy village in Wales.

Along the way we collected a friend from Italy, whom I shall refer to as S. I was sending her email links to various properties that would suit me and, having sent one that had a static caravan, I received an email back saying “ooh look there’s a caravan for me”. It came about that she wanted to return to UK after 35 years in Italy.

I spent the next six months marketing my cottage and searching Right Move, Prime Location, and various other country property websites to try to find a suitable property.

As S now wanted to join me I had to find a property with an annex, or outbuildings ripe for conversion for both of us and at least five acres and three stables for our two horses.

After an abortive dash to a property in Scotland that later was found to be in the middle of ‘Wind Farm City’ we , or should I say I, found a property on the borders of Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire that ticked more boxes than any of the others.

And so it came to pass that in August 2015 Alfie, Max, Minnie and me moved to HF Cottage. After 24 years in my Norfolk Cottage I wanted a challenge. I didn’t realise just what a challenge my new home would be. If you are of a strong constitution, read on to find out!

The New Home

The New Home

The pigsty

The pigsty



4 thoughts on “Helloee, I’m still here alive and kicking!

    • It’s been such a long time, have forgotten how to use the software. It has changed since I last used it. Still I expect that I’ll get the hang of it soon enough! Are back in Oz now? Hope to see you next time you’re over.

    • Thanks Paula for your comment, so glad that it found its way to you after all of this time. Now I have started, must keep going instead of wasting my time playing Candy Crush and Spider Solitaire, ha ha! I expect you are all working madly in the run up to Christmas. I thoroughly recommend retirement, but it comes with its drawbacks too. Just can’t think of any at the moment!

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