A red letter day

Friday, day off, yippee.  Plans to clean out the greenhouse and prune my roses went awry during the yearly visit from my plumber, to service the boiler.

Last week I discovered that everything, yes, everything on the shelf under the sink was sodden and all rather strangely coloured blue!  Closer inspection revealed a packet of those blue thingeys that you put in the toilet had burst open and had mixed with the water leaking from the sink bowl, with the colourful result. As it appeared to be a slow leak from around the plug hole, I was confident that my plumber could sort it out in a jiffy.

How wrong can you be? After backing out from the bowels of the sink unit Chris, the plumber, had bad news. Yes, he could solve the leak around the plug hole, but there was a hairline crack in the sink and, worse than that, water was steadily dripping from the hot and cold pipes feeding the tap. All that water was dripping down and saturating everything at the bottom of the sink unit. *Groans* Luckily it was where I kept old Tshirts, etc., to use as rags, so they had soaked up a good bit, but judging by the blue colour on the pipes, it looks as though they had been leaking for some time. You’ll need a new tap unit he said, and we should replace those old pipes with flexible ones, and it’ll be difficult to do that with the sink in place……

So, while he was doing his bit in the boiler room outside, I was surfing the net looking for a cheap replacement sink and monoblock mixer taps. *Groans* again.

The one consolation for  my lost day was… Eureka… a beautiful new laid egg!! Dear ol’ Polly, my Light Sussex hen, had laid her first egg for 5 months. Probably be the only egg this year, the way things are going. Still, we have to be thankful for small mercies.

2 thoughts on “A red letter day

  1. Eeek, I hate it when expensive things go wrong in the house unexpectedly. With us it usually happens when we’ve just managed to save up enough money for a luxury and then the washing machine dies or the boiler needs replacing. Hope it’s not too costly.

    • Helloee, thanks for the visit. Had decided that if he could fix the plughole leak I wouldn’t replace the sink. Had been thinking of replacing it as it is 15 years old and I can no longer get it looking clean. It’s a cream composite one and eventually the tea stains, just won’t come out. Pleased that I thought that I wouldn’t have the expenditure afterall, it knocked me back somewhat when we saw the pipes at the back that were leaking…. Still, although he said that he would book it in for half a day *gulps* the sink I found on the internet was only £114 in a sale, so that is half what I thought I’d have to spend (it’s one and a half bowls and drainer), but the monoblock tap was nearly half of that. Still it will look nice, but not what I wanted, two months before retirement. No matter how much I try to put some money aside, there’s always something, as you say, that goes wrong, or needs fixing. Ho hum, I have my health, touch wood, that’s the main thing!

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