Photo of the week – Long-tailed Tit

I was just going out of my back door and I saw this lovely long-tailed tit in my rambling rose. Fortunately my camera was in the porch so I grabbed it and managed to get a few shots before it flew off. It’s not brilliantly in focus, but I’m happy having managed to get it in the frame, as they move so quickly!

Long-tailed Tit

Long-tailed Tit

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18 thoughts on “Photo of the week – Long-tailed Tit

    • Hello Fiona, how lovely of you to pop over. It’s not really sharp, sharp, but I think it should have been on a tripod to do that. Was so pleased that all the four, or so, images I took weren’t all just parts of the bird because he flew away, or hopped onto another twig! He was so quick ! Btw your Photo of the week appears to be on Facebook and I couldn’t find how to comment, which I thought was strange!

    • Thanks Emma for dropping by. I had a couple of robins, but sadly the cats have killed both of them. I love robins so, they are my favourites with swallows. Luckily the cats do seem to stick to catching mice and voles. But come the Spring, the blackbird fledglings, I fear, will be easy prey. 🙁

  1. Lovely picture. We occasionally get a small group of long tailed tits in the garden, they seem to flutter around the bird feeders for a while then disappear again, such lovely little birds!

    • Hello Cathy lovely to see you again! Yes, they’re usually in a little group, but strangely this one was all by itself. I rarely see birds in the roses on my ‘kitchen wall’ because, I think, it’s too exposed to sparrow hawks.

  2. I think this is a great capture,well done. I like the colours of his feathers. We don’t get many exciting birds in our garden,we get an awful lot of Wood Pigeons though that like to sit on the Pergola and taunt the cat!

    • Hello thanks for dropping by! Yes, I have a couple of pairs of wood pigeons too. They like to sit on my trellis, canoodling! I think like swans, they pair for life.

    • Yes, they are, aren’t they! Usually a little group of them together, but this little chappie was all alone. Only see blue tits, great tits and long tailed tits in the garden. No coal tits. Maybe in the summer, when I have more time I’ll set up my tripod to try and get more bird pics. Thanks for popping over!

  3. Fabulous photo!!! And well done on having your camera near by! My problem is that mine is always packed away carefully somewhere!

    I think it is completely in focus – a fabulous Photo of The Week – thank you for linking up XXX

    • Thanks so much Louise for your kind words. You were lucky to see the image, because they all seemed to have disappeared off my blog after downloading a new plugin. Hope to get it sorted soon. Has been a pretty stressful day to be honest!

    • Many thanks, it was pure luck. Had four attempts before he disappeared, he was so quick. Will try pointing my camera at the birdfeeder next time where they will be more static! Many thanks for your visit, much appreciated.

  4. So beautiful! Thank you, you have answered a question for me! When we first moved to Denmark these tiny birds would descend upon us in the midst of winter, and I had no idea what they were… Now I know! 🙂

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