34 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 31st March

    • Yes, the lampost does give it an extra touch. They’ve also got an old red phone box in their garden, with a light in it!

    • Thanks Angela for your comment. Am beginning to run out of things to photo. The garden is looking much the same, nothing happening. Even the daffs don’t want to bloom!

    • Many thanks for your comment. Here we are a week on and the nights are still freezing, though it was very sunny today and really quite warm out of the wind.

      • Mad weather this week, sunny on Tuesday and then snowing on Thursday!
        Indeed it was quite sunny today, it was nice to go to the park and enjoy the sunshine (while it lasts!). x

        • Yes, wasn’t it glorious today?! Makes you feel so much better when the sun shines on your head. We certainly deserve some sunshine after such an awful, cold, wet winter. Lovely to have your comment. Look forward to see a picture you took in the park (?)

    • Thanks for your visit and comment. I just love living in the countryside, you’re so much more in touch with nature and the weather…

    • Thanks Fiona. Finally today we have had some Spring weather and it was really warm, out of the wind. Fingers crossed it will last, though it is still freezing at night.

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