Photo of the Week 20th April 2013

This photo, by no stretch of the imagination, is a good photo, but I just had to record this brave little daffodil for posterity! As you can see, I had quite a bonfire this afternoon. At times the heat was so intense I couldn’t get within six feet of it. This little daffodil was barely three feet from the fire and I really thought it would melt in the heat. But no, there it was still erect and pert after over two hours of ferocious heat beating down on it. I marvel at the wonders of nature!

A tenacious little daffodil

A tenacious little daffodil

Team Lloyd

Photo of the week kindly hosted by Team Lloyd 

10 thoughts on “Photo of the Week 20th April 2013

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, it amazed me. I went out to the site of the fire at 10.30 when I checked on Max. It was still glowing brightly so I raked it out. It was so pretty. So stupid of me not to think of taking a photo. Chucked two buckets of water on it instead!

    • Hi, thanks for this, much appreciated. Yes, I never cease to wonder at nature. Had I stood there for all that time I would have been toasted!

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