6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    • Many thanks for those kind words! Would have loved to have had the sunshine when I had the free time to take some photos, but unfortunately I was at work when it was sunny so had to make do with two dull days at the weekend. Never mind there will be more opportunities, no doubt.

  1. Love the photographs in the snow, everything looks so magical and you have caught that enchanting spirit so well. I can understand why you are so enamoured by your animals and garden.

    • Thanks again Val for your visit. Lovely that you like my photos. Weather has changed drastically. From -12 degrees it is now 12 degrees and very, very windy. Hopefully we will definitely see each other this year. Would love to return to Rome after 20 years! You are always welcome here, would love to show you around. Loads of time from My 1st onwards…. roll on retirement! Yippee!

    • Hello again, thanks for your mega visit to my blog! The snow had settled on top of the netting I have covering the chicken run. It’s surprising it settled on it because the holes are about 1″x 1″ !

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