Space saving idea for kitchen cupboards

It’s lovely living in a little cottage, but it means that storage space is at a premium.

Because of the limited space, I take some of my supermarket carrier bags to the local farm shop for reuse, but like to keep some back, as they are so useful. But it’s incredible just how much space they can take up in already bulging kitchen cupboards!

On a visit to my brother in Sweden I noticed how he dealt with the problem. It was so simple that I thought I’d share it with you, so that you too, can free-up space in your cupboard.

Lay your bag flat on a flat surface, smoothing out towards the open end to remove all the air.


Then fold it lengthways three times, again smoothing towards open end.


Then fold diagonally starting from the closed end.


Then fold again.


Keep folding until you get to the open end.


Then just tuck in the handles into the open part of the folded bag.


Hey presto, one large bulky carrier bag folded into a little ‘wedge’ of plastic that will take up very little space in your cupboard! I fold up all my big horse feed bags like this too, which saves even more space out in the feed shed.



7 thoughts on “Space saving idea for kitchen cupboards

    • Have often thought of getting one of those storage thingeys, but now I don’t have to. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Lynne, tis much appreciated!

  1. Excellent idea and very well demonstrated – I am not sure that I can be that neat, perhaps Daniel will be able to assist me.

    • Hello Val, thanks for dropping by. Couldn’t believe just how much space this solved. Can’t remember whether you have supermarket carrier bags in Italy, like we have over here… Was rather disappointed at how old my hands looked! 🙁

  2. The simple ideas are always the best aren’t they? When I open one of my kitchen cupboards plastic bags spill all over the place so I need to try this! Lovely to have found your blog through Mummy’s Little Monkey’s ‘Blow Your Own Blog Horn’ linky x

    • Hello Kirsty, love to welcome you to my blog. I do hope that you try this simple idea for cutting down the space that the plastic bags take up, it really is worth it! Hope to see you again soon. 🙂

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